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Sunglasses guide for men

In essence, sunglasses are a practical being. I say ‘being’ because considering how big a role they currently play in the modern man’s life (the...
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Best sunglasses for surfing

You may not have considered this, but a good-quality pair of sunglasses should be part...
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Protect your eyes with sunglasses

Can you damage your pretty eyes by neglecting to wear sunglasses? In short, (no point skirting...
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Top 5 kids glasses essentials

It can be a tricky task to find the right pair of eyeglasses for children. Aside...
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Calvin Harris Emporio Armani Campaign

We are as surprised as everybody with regards to the transition that seemed to have...
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What Does Your Eyewear Say About You?

We all have that one style, shape or brand of sunglasses that we own or...
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